27 express strategy

27 express strategy

27 Express is a special kind of strategy that was invented for betting on the correct score in football. Predicting the outcome of the match down to the number of goals scored by each team is a piece of luck beyond the control of a person who has not made a deal with the devil. Therefore, people figured out how to cheat the system, because bets on the exact score involve the highest odds. 27 express strategy allows you to significantly increase the chance of a big win.

What is express?

Be sure to start simple. An express bet is a bet that involves combining several single bets (single bets), that is, a bet on a number of outcomes that do not depend on each other. It is not necessary to make express bets only by the system. It often turns out that the capper knows the exact outcome of several events. And if he is confident enough in himself, he can combine his bets into one to increase the odds. But one must understand that at the same time the risk increases. Conventionally, if he places a bet on three events, and only two of them pass, then he will not receive any winnings, although with three single bets he could have made a profit.

27 express strategy

27 express strategy

What is the 27 Express Strategy?

The strategy involves the selection of three matches where there is a clear favorite. It is even better if lower-level teams play, that is, there will be a high chance that there will not be many goals, then it will be easier to guess the exact score. That is, there are two critical factors for this strategy:

  1. High probability of victory of the favorite.
  2. There is a great chance of passing the “total less than 2.5 or 3.5” bet.

The most expected score in such matches is 1: 0, 2: 0 or 2: 1. The strategy of 27 accumulators assumes that all three games will end with this score. As a result, you need to bet express bets for three matches on each of these accounts. In total, you will get just 27 express trains. The odds for each individual outcome will be about 8, which means that the odds of each multi bet will be around 512.

Let’s assume that our matches ended with the scores 1: 0, 2: 0, 2: 0.

27 express strategy

Showing an example of 27 express bets

If we still guess one express out of 27, then our winnings with bets of 10 rubles will be about 5120 rubles. Let’s subtract the total amount of express trains from this amount – 270 rubles. The profit comes out at 4850 rubles.

All in all, the picture looks more than just profitable. However, in reality, cappers often discourage this strategy. There are not only pluses, but also minuses. For example, the favorites may fail and not defeat the outsider, or the number of goals will be more than 3.5. In both cases, all 27 expresses will crash.

Cappers claim that on average they manage to win with this strategy one in ten times. That is, in our example, you will have to calculate the arrival in a different way. Ten times with 27 express bets – this is the total amount of bets for 2700 rubles. The winnings will be all the same 4850 rubles, and therefore the profit will be 2150 rubles. But this is only on average. That is, in practice, it may turn out that it will not be possible to get a profit at all. Therefore, we suggest that you first try out the strategy of 27 accumulators on paper, and then start playing real money bets.


– Why exactly 27 express trains?

– Everything is logical. This strategy involves betting on three events with three different exact scores. As a result, in the course of one approach, you will invariably make 27 express.

– Why is it profitable to use the strategy of 27 accumulators?

– If you win every time you use the strategy, then the profit will be large even with a modest bank.

– What are the dangers associated with the strategy of 27 accumulators?

– The exact score is a tricky bet. Rarely does anyone manage to guess how much each team will score, so there is little chance of winning at that rate.

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