5 signs it’s time to quit sports betting

5 signs it’s time to quit sports betting

It is very difficult to part with some habits, and if they cease to be addicted, then it is necessary to identify it at an early stage. Sports betting is successful only for a few experienced players, while the majority lose more often. Then the bettor wants to win back and drains everything clean.

Betting gives an illusory confidence that thanks to your knowledge and analysis, you will be able to beat the bookmaker’s office. After a loss, there is suspicion, confidence that the bookmaker deceived you this time and a desire to win back. To avoid major financial losses, you need to know 5 signs that it is time for you to quit sports betting.

5 signs of gambling addiction in sports betting

Sign # 1 Stash game

Do you want to multiply the money set aside for a rainy day at the expense of a seemingly 100% outcome? But there is no one hundred percent guarantee of winning in bets. You should always remember what you saved for, how long you saved, and how much more you will have to save if you lose. If obsessive thoughts break the piggy bank do not leave you – immediately tie up with sports betting and any other gambling.

Sign # 2 Out-of-control bets on everything in a row

As soon as the strategy leaves, the bets are made thoughtlessly – write it all – you will not see your money. In betting, only a part of the profit is luck, but basically it is an accurate mathematical calculation, knowledge of teams, experience. A professional bettor will never go on about emotions and will not bet on an unknown team. If you feel like you carries, stop playing immediately. To place a bet for the sake of a bet is a direct road to loss.

Feature # 3 Debts and Loans for Betting

You can play only with the money that you do not mind losing. If the budget is out of bounds, you need to stop and not borrow, do not get into microfinance organizations in search of a quick loan. Loans and loans only aggravate the player’s financial condition and are unlikely to help win back. After the first thought about this, you need to immediately close the account in the bookmaker’s office.

Trait # 4 Refusal from social life

Do you spend more time analyzing sports events than with your family? Sit at your computer all day looking for sure, find it for yourself and put it over and over again? Congratulations – you are a gambler. Players with addiction gradually have difficulties with communication, meetings with friends fade into the background, and quarrels in the family more and more often arise. Even medical symptoms may occur: headache, depression, mental problems.

Feature # 5 The goal of the game is to wager

You no longer play for your own pleasure, every bet is a desire to win back here and now. Gamblers with gambling addiction do not understand that constant role-playing is one of the main signs of addiction. Even if you lose, you should not try to get your money back, most likely, this will lead to even greater losses, since it is not the mind that comes into play, but the emotions.

Useful Tips

Getting rid of gambling addiction is not as easy as we would like, people spend a lot of time and money on it. Here are some completely free tips on how to deal with symptoms:

  • blocking accounts in all bookmakers is the very first step in the fight against addiction;
  • substitution effect – replace bets with chess, backgammon or checkers;
  • getting rid of boredom or trouble in other ways – walking, sports, communication;
  • friendly support – tell your loved ones about your problem, they will support you;
  • referral to specialists – there are free consultations of psychologists.

If you let the problem of gambling addiction go by itself, it can turn into even more troubles. Prudence is a guarantee of victories not only in bookmakers, but also in life.

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