7 Ways to Restore a Dried Cartridge

Owners of inkjet printers who forget to regularly print at least 3-4 sheets a week, face the problem of dried cartridges. Before contacting the service, it is recommended to check the presence of ink in the tank. You may just need to refill the printer cartridge. If the paint in the printer has dried, manufacturers recommend buying a new cartridge. However, this is not profitable. How do I recover a dried cartridge to save on printing? – More on that later in the article.

Method #1 Software cleaning (printing calibration)

This is the first thing to do when the cartridge is dry. First, try printing a test sheet. If at least one of the colors is not printed, then there are problems with the nozzles. In the settings for the printing machine, find the function of cleaning the nozzles:

  • Epson: Hold down the stop button (triangle in the circle) for three seconds.
  • HP: Hold down the power button and press Cancel 2 times and Resume 1 time.
  • Canon: In the “Menu” in the control panel, find “Maintenance” and select “Clean”.
  • Brother:“Nast-ki”-“Service”-“Cleaning the seal. heads”. Choose one of the options: black, color, all.

If the printer is connected to the PC over the network,you can use special utilities:

Epson:Use the Head Cleaning app.

HP : Go the way: Start-All Programs-HP Solution Center-Options-Printer Toolbar. Next, select the “Clean printheads” function.

Brother: Through the properties of the printer in the “Settings” section, find the item where it says about cleaning GHGs.

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Canon:Once the driver installation is complete, you will have access to the Cleaning and Deep Cleaning functions. They are located in the printer properties in the Maintenance section. Take advantage of them.

Note! If the inkjet cartridge has dried up badly, try cleaning several times. The interval between cleanings is at least an hour. After the third time, it is recommended to stop trying to restore dried cartridges programmatically.

Method #2 Soaking

Soaking the cartridge in water

Manufacturers of consumables for inkjet printers strongly recommend not to perform any actions with the cartridge. But if the ink in the printer is very dry, without additional manipulations there is no coping, and software cleaning of nozzles is unlikely to help.

1. Pour distilled water into the container to a height of 10 mm. You can also use a washing liquid, which must be moistened with a napkin.

2. Place the cartridge in a container or on a damp cloth. The nozzles should look down. Wait 1-3 days. After soaking, perform a hardware cleaning. Send a test page to print and see the quality of the print.

Method #3 Purging / Pumping

Cleaning the inkjet cartridge headBlowing a dried cartridge

What should I do if the cartridge has dried specifically? Use a syringe and a special clip that is worn on the nozzles. The nozzle is found in refueling kits. Pull the handle of the syringe and return it to its original position – pump the ink in both directions. This method is especially effective when the Canon, Lexmark or HP cartridge has dried. It is recommended to combine it with the method of soaking. Now you know what to do if the paint in your HP cartridge has dried, but there are still a few effective ways.

Method #4 Chemical soaking

How to Wash a Dried Inkjet Printer Cartridge

So, how to revive the cartridge of an inkjet printer, if the consumable has been idle for more than a year? Call on “Mr. Muscle” for help or use another means to clean the windows.

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1. Pour 1 cm of chemical liquid into the jar, put a napkin on the bottom.

2. Take Mr Muscle and stir with distilled water in a ratio of 1:1.

3. Pour home remedy into the inkwell.

4. Install the cartridge in a container with distilled water for the whole night.

Inspect the water in the jar. If it changed its color, soaking would help. It remains to be seen how much. Gently wipe the nozzles with a dry cloth. Prints on the napkin should be clear, without bald spots.

Method #5 Running water

Wash the dried cartridge

How to restore the cartridge with built-in GHG – it must be disassembled and washed. Cartridges that have a print head and three paint tanks are easy to disassemble. To do this, you need to cut the top cover around the perimeter with a stationery knife, where the holes for refueling are located. ATTENTION! You need to work with gloves so as not to get dirty with ink. It is necessary to cut the lid with special thrift. If you damage its integrity, restore the cartridge will not work. In addition, ink can spill inside the printing path.

Follow these steps:

  1. 1Remove the storage pads;
  2. 2Turn the cartridge over and rinse it under the pressure of warm water;
  3. 3At the end, be sure to wash the nozzles with distilled water to avoid the appearance of blockages;
  4. 4Install the drives in place;
  5. 5Glue the top cover, fill the compartments with ink and make sure the cartridge is sealed.

Try printing the test page. If the printer prints blank sheets,call the wizard. It is necessary to diagnose and identify the source of the problem.

Method #6 Steaming

Below is a way to revive the cartridge HP, Canon, Lexmark in the most critical situations. It is recommended to resort to it in the event that previous methods have not solved the problem with a dried cartridge.

  1. 1 What to do if the ink in the printer has dried, and you do not want to part with the cartridge? Boil the water.
  2. 2 Place the cartridge over the steam, close to the water. Hold it for 30 seconds. Repeat the procedure 3 times with breaks of 1-2 minutes. Use improvised means so as not to burn your hands.
  3. 3 Soak the consumable in distilled water and pump/purge.
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If the cartridge is dried, you know what to do at home. In the workshop you can offer a quick solution to the problem – ultrasonic baths.

Method #7 Ultrasonic baths

Resuscitation of cartridges in the ultrasonic bath

In the workshop there are special ultrasonic baths – the most effective solution in the fight against dried cartridges. It allows you to resuscitate even those consumables that have lain idle for more than 5 years. And all thanks to ultrasonic vibration, which “breaks” the hardened paint into small particles and simplifies the breaking of nozzles.

How to Repair an Inkjet Printer Cartridge Correctly

What should I do if the printer has dried paint? Use all the techniques that we described above in the order in which they are presented. If you do not want to waste your time, please contact our service center for help. You will always have time to buy a cartridge for the printer, and the restoration of a dried consumable will cost you much cheaper than the new original. In the future, do not skimp on ink and do not mix paint from different manufacturers. Do not forget that the prevention of the printer is the best way to save on repairs

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