Aces betting

Aces betting

Tennis is not only about game, set and match. In order to understand this sport at a decent level, you need to know the nuances of the game. AND aces bets Is an essential ingredient for tennis betting. We will tell you in more detail why it is profitable to place bets on withdrawals and how to make a profitable bet.

Types of bets on tennis aces

To begin with, there are many varieties of aces betting. Ace (translated from English – “serve for departure”) attracts with its lightness and ease of understanding. You do not need to be familiar with the rules of tennis for this. Everyone already knows when the submission for the flight took place. You just need to make sure that the ball hits the desired square of the field, does not go beyond its limits, and the opponent does not touch it.

To bet on aces, you must definitely use the tennis statistics database, it is easy to find it on various sites. It will help you make the right choice when betting on aces. Use TennisExplorer, for example.

Aces betting

How to bet on aces?

Bookmakers offer a modest but still varied selection of aces betting:

  • Total Aces
  • Individual total aces
  • Aces handicap
  • First ace (which of the players will be the first to send for elimination)
  • Aces victory

It is not difficult to analyze the types of bets on aces. It is much more important to understand the factors that should be paid attention to in the game. For example, it is important to look at, based on statistics, the average number of innings per elimination in tennis, as well as players with a high-quality first serve and a high percentage of aces sold. The performance of the players is influenced by the schedule of his performances. If a tennis player has a busy week or a whole month, then the quality of his serve will noticeably deteriorate, that is, the total number of aces will decrease. At the same time, it is necessary to monitor the surface on which the game is taking place – on the ground there are much fewer innings for relegation than on hard and grass.

Where to bet on aces

Not all bookmakers offer such a wide line as to offer all of the aforementioned aces bets. A good list is made by 1XStavka, BetCity, Betting League and Parimatch. But even they only offer aces bets on large and medium tournaments.


– What is ace?

– Ace is a kick-off, when the kick is so strong that the opponent cannot react to the flight of the ball.

– Why bet on aces?

– This is mainly for betting on games of major competitions. The bookmakers calculate the main bets well, but in the nuances of the game you can find loopholes that the offices may not take into account and overestimate the coefficient.

– What factors should be considered when betting on aces?

– The quality of the player’s serve, the calendar of his performances and coverage.

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