“Admiral” – “Neftekhimik”: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev

So, the disposition in the triangle of “Amur”, “Admiral” and “Neftekhimik”, who joined them for four matches, became finally clear, and we realized how far Vladivostok residents are now superior to their geographical neighbors. True, this does not give them anything, since the “admirals” are on all fours to the Chinese border to the playoff zone of the Eastern Conference. However, for the Primorsky Territory, this proverb is not relevant, since there are enough settlements there, from where it is easy to crawl from the Chinese border not only on all fours, but in general in bellies.

It is relevant in this case that Neftekhimik will play their second match with Admiral and the fourth in the Far East away not the next day after the third, as it was in Khabarovsk, but in a day. We can say with full responsibility that by this time Nizhnekamsk residents will fully become Far Eastern residents, they will calmly wake up and go to bed with them, and all the delights of temporary adaptation will now be caught upon returning home. But in the end “Neftekhimik” should fight the now-looking “Admiral” quite well. “Little Tatars” fought in the first match, losing only in a series of post-match shootouts. But in the second game, Nizhnekamsk, in my opinion, should score two points by any of the available methods. How much “Admiral” will pick up – ask them. But I bet on two points knocked out in Vladivostok by Neftekhimik.

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