“Admiral” – “Neftekhimik”: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev

The longest winning streak in the newest, after the second birth, history of “Admiral” ended at the most interesting place. The culprits were the Yaroslavl railroad workers, who rolled the residents of Primorye “dry”. Thus, the Admiral’s record was three victorious matches in a row. But “Neftekhimik” has a similar series still in the works, and it became such after two in a row in Khabarovsk, which trampled all hopes of local fans for the playoffs.

Now the two two-time destroyers of the Amur are meeting face-to-face, and since the Admiral now looks more solid than its geographical neighbors, the prospects for Neftekhimik seem rather dim.

They are also foggy because in any way, either in this match, or in the next “Neftekhimik” should cover a temporary adaptation. She can still be eluded by playing two matches every other day, and even playing three matches. But when you have four games with a ragged schedule, this cup will not pass you by. And “Neftekhimik” now, whatever one may say, is not the one to beat even the penultimate team of the league in a not quite sane condition.

Therefore, I will assume that “Admiral” will score two points in this game, since Nizhnekatsev will cover right now. Whether the “little Tatars” will be able to earn something at the same time or it will all end in the main time – this question is shrouded in mystery, and I do not know the answer.

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