“Admiral” – SKA: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev

Somehow they treated completely disrespectfully with the base club of our national team in distant Khabarovsk. It would seem that “Cupid” has already completely said goodbye to dreams of the playoffs, and then once – and gave the country coal. There is a strong suspicion that the army team thought that Cupid had said goodbye to dreams of the playoffs and now poses no danger. Then we went out onto the ice of the Platinum Arena, as they say, “pushing hedgehogs with your bare backs” – and lost it. In general, be that as it may, but SKA lost two very important points for him, which just may not be enough to fight for leadership in the Western Conference.

In general, it seems that the total capacity of the two Far Eastern clubs is a constant, that is, a constant value that flows from Khabarovsk to Vladivostok and back. Amur unexpectedly won over SKA, while Admiral, who was expected to win over Neftekhimik, took it and lost. And now it is completely incomprehensible what to expect from Primorye in the next match, because they will host SKA.

But it still seems to me that after the defeat in Khabarovsk it will be absolutely perpendicular and violet to the Petrograd people, what percentage of the total power will be at that moment at the “Admiral”. Yes, even one hundred! And Valery Bragin will not have to cheat his team. And temporary adaptation of guests to the hosts will not help. Well, SKA is not right now to suffer two defeats in a row in the Far East! And if it is not the same, then at Fetisov-Arena the army team should win, no matter what the advantage is. The main thing is that they will do it in the main time. And they will not be completely ridiculed when they return home.

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