Ak Bars – Barys: forecast and bet of Maxim Lebedev

Despite the fact that Ak Bars returned to the season, having smashed the Chelyabinsk tractor drivers “to smithereens and in half”, Kazan’s prospects in the match with the Kazakh teammates do not seem too bright.

Firstly, because Barys itself came out of Europause very briskly, having “dried up” Avtomobilist in Yekaterinburg. Secondly, because the victory of “Ak Bars” over “Tractor” was pure revenge, and after revenge, a general relaxation of any organism and a search for the next task will certainly follow. Well, and, finally, thirdly, because the series of these rivals, as follows from the statistics of personal meetings, has a pronounced guest bias. That is, in the last seven get-togethers the hosts won only once, and even then Ak Bars managed to do it only in overtime. And so the rivals happily chop each other into small cabbage on the road and do not know grief.

All this together allows me to give the following prediction: Kazakhstani comrades will not lose in Kazan in regular time. Will they be able to win is a debatable question, after all, Ak Bars against Traktor was very good. But so far, this is the only way, and I have no other predictions for you.

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