Ak Bars – Metallurg Mg: forecast and bet of Maxim Lebedev

Hello, friends! I am glad to welcome you to the “Bookmaker Rating”, or rather in that part of it, where they talk about hockey, only about hockey and nothing but hockey. The New Year is approaching, very soon the KHL teams will again go on a short-term vacation, but they will be replaced in our souls and on our screens by the youth teams, which just at this time determine which of them is the coolest. But our choice is not rich, and we choose the upcoming match Ak Bars – Magnitka, in which, by and large, nothing is clear at all.

No, something, of course, is understandable. For example, it is clear that there will be one of two things: either Magnitka wins, or Ak Bars wins. At the same time, in the current season, the Urals have slapped the “big Tatars” three times already. That is, there is experience and knowledge, it remains to apply the skills.

Both rivals are in a storm now, and there can be no talk of stability of results and long winning streaks. But at the same time, the Urals, for all their problems, still do not give their first places to anyone – neither in the Eastern Conference, nor in the KHL as a whole. This is who we should take an example from for all teams, including Ak Bars. In the previous round, although with a creak, Magnitka bounced back in Podolsk, then Ak Bars lost at home to Severstal, albeit taking one point at the same time, but still, where does it go?

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In general, everything and from all sides seems to be on the side of “Magnitka”, which both the leader and the “big Tatars” have slapped three times. But precisely because I know firsthand the tormenting Tatar soul, I will not predict the result lying on the surface. So, you can laugh at me, but I still, contrary to logic, will assume a home victory for Ak Bars. With a minimal advantage in the account. No difference in main and extra time. But still the victory of “Ak Bars”. Because the New Year is approaching and the soul asks for a holiday.

Hthe same applies to other predictions, then welcome to the “Bookmaker Rating”. There are never enough forecasts here, and now there is still a regular program called “The Hockey Department”. To watch is not to revise.

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