Ak Bars – Severstal: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev

The intolerable torture of Andrei Razin by the oligarchs continues. All clubs go through this throughout the season, and few second-tier teams, let alone those below, emerge from this challenge with their heads held high. But not on all fours with a broken muzzle and lost hopes – that’s all you want.

It is very good that Severstal acquired a very decent airbag in time, and even five defeats in a row not only did not throw it out of the playoff zone, but did not at all greatly shake the conquered positions. Further, of course, it will be easier, since the oligarchs will begin to be diluted with simpler teams, but by that time they would not have lost the winning tone that Razin had so hard instilled in his team.

In the meantime, with Ak Bars, and even in Kazan, the residents of Cherepovets will not get a chance. “Big Tatars” are at their peak, that is, they become scary for anyone (“Traktor” will confirm). Therefore, without much stress, I will predict the home victory of the “big Tatars”, not too simple, but not too stressful, won in regulation time and with a margin of a couple of goals.

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