Ak Bars – Traktor: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev

Big hockey teaches us to be vindictive. Let’s say they drove you on the ice today with your muzzle, and the day after tomorrow you are already playing on the other side of the country, and then, two days later, another match, and there they will be taken there again. And if you accumulate all the insults, then in the end, out of anger, it can break. Therefore, among hockey players, there are often cases when already in the locker room, getting ready to play, one asks the other:

– How did we play with this opponent last time?

And he, since he had googled ten minutes ago, answers him with a professorial air:

– Well, you, sclerotik! You then scored the winning goal …
– A-a-a … Well, yes …

Therefore, hockey players in general do not remember evil, but there are exceptions. And the previous match between Ak Bars and Traktor, which took place in Chelyabinsk, may well become such an exception. Firstly, because three-time Gagarin Cup winners are not so often so brutally carried with their muzzles on the ice. Secondly, the matches in which the “big Tatars” do not score can be counted on one hand in a season. And in the last match everything coincided, and Ak Bars lost in Chelyabinsk with a score of 0: 5. And even if one of the Kazan hockey players managed to forget it, then there is no doubt that Dmitry Kvartalnov will remind them of this, and, most likely, in a particularly perverted form.

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Therefore, you can rest assured that the “big Tatars” will be cocked and screwed up. And, most likely, they will win, and, most likely, in regular time. It is unlikely that many goals will be thrown in general, so I do not recommend stumbling on the score, but for the master’s victory in regulation time – the very thing.

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