Amur – Lokomotiv: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev

Currently, there seem to be two teams in the Continental League that have played enough hockey. The first is Severstal, which now has a running streak of five defeats in a row. And the second – “Cupid”, which has four such defeats. At least Severstal is losing to the higher-ranking teams, and Amur is either to those who do not get into the playoff zone at all, or stands there with one foot in readiness to take off.

And now “Lokomotiv” is coming to Khabarovsk, having elegantly banged “admirals” in Vladivostok, who, in turn, won against “Amur” twice in a row. It is clear that there are always many fundamental points in the relationship between geographical neighbors, but even with this in mind, the ease with which the railroad workers dealt with Primorye should bear the expectation of a terrible thing in Khabarovsk in advance.

Plus, of course, the statistics of personal meetings, according to which the Yaroslavl team has more than a two-fold advantage in the number of victories in the “get-togethers”. Plus the feeling of revenge that the railroad workers have to harbor since November 7, when Amur beat them in front of their fans. All this together allows me to predict “I take revenge and my revenge is terrible” performed by Lokomotiv. That is, a victory in regulation time with an advantage of at least a couple of pucks. And if the courage of the Yaroslavl collar of Daniil Isaev from the previous match remains, then we cannot exclude the second “crack” in a row.

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