Amur – Neftekhimik: forecast and rate. Looking forward to sleepy hockey from both teams

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Team form

Neftekhimik has overcome the peak of its form, and as is often the case with teams that do not have a reserve, instead of reaching a plateau, at some point a sharp degradation sets in. Unfortunately, for the fans from Nizhnekamsk, the recession happened right now. Six defeats in seven meetings, and Oleg Leontyev’s wards were inferior to their peers, or even weaker teams. It is good that we managed to interrupt the six-game losing streak by beating Barys on their ice with a score of 3: 1. The only question is how “Neftekhimik” used the break for the matches of the national teams.

“Cupid” has recently begun to score points even at a party. True, the Khabarovsk residents did not even have enough time in the pause on the Eurotrip to figure out how to beat the “Admiral”. The team lost to Vladivostok in two matches in a row: before the Channel One Cup (1: 2) and after (0: 1).

The owners of the bookmakers are favorites. The odds for their victory in the match are 1.76. On the success of the guests – 2.11.

Total bets

Amur is one of the three worst teams in the KHL in terms of goals scored. At the same time, at home, Khabarovsk residents take advantage of the fact that the opponent, due to acclimatization and a half-asleep state, sees the gate of “Cupid” out of focus. You understand that with such a state of health it is difficult to realize the moments. Therefore, Amur concedes a little in Khabarovsk, at the level of the top clubs in the KHL. The last time the total over 4.5 in the Far East was broken at the end of October. Even in the best times, Neftekhimik was not famous for its super-attack, and now it is all the more in no condition to show cool, attacking hockey.

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Our rate

Total under 4.5 with odds 2.

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