Amur – Neftekhimik: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev

It looks like the Cupid has overstrained itself. Either his current mentor Mikhail Kravets, simply due to the lack of Far Eastern experience in training work, did not correct for local nuances during the pause. Or he simply overloaded the team, and so far it cannot reach the peak of the form. Or maybe all the points work at the same time, but this is unlikely, since the Khabarovsk team lost the third match in a row to those teams that have no right to lose, if, of course, they want to cling to the playoff zone in the end. But now “Neftekhimik” stands at the door of this very playoff zone (the Eastern Conference, of course), and “Amur” has moved one line away from it.

Will the Far East be able to win the second match of the two-legged series? On the one hand, quite, since it is quite difficult to play with the same opponent for two days in a row. On the other hand, Amur scored two goals in total in the last three matches, and somehow I can’t believe in the miraculous revival of the Khabarovsk forwards in just one night.

But the owners will push as hard as they can. Plus, of course, their fans. Therefore, I will formulate my forecast for this match as follows: Neftekhimik will not lose in regulation time, that is, they will score at least one point. And what will happen “as a maximum” and in fact – we’ll see.

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