Amur – Neftekhimik: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev

“Neftekhimik” in our country now portrays young people from the famous interlude of Mikhail Zhvanetsky “Meeting at a distillery”. The one about which the chairman said: “Well, young people will not sit still. So it flickers, and flickers … “. Here and “Neftekhimik” flickers. Now in the playoff zone of the Eastern Conference, now near it, but somewhere nearby. Before the Europause, he suffered six defeats in a row, naturally, he again flew out of the playoff zone. But he went on vacation with a victory in Kazakhstan – that is, not everything is so bad.

But the “Cupid”, it seems, is all bad. And there is a big suspicion that he squeezed out everything that is possible from the current roster. Well, almost everything. And two consecutive defeats from the not painful and terrible “Admiral” – before and after Europause, speak volumes.

But in any case, Neftekhimik flew to the Far East for a long time. And he will not leave until he has played four matches – two each with Amur and Admiral. Khabarovsk residents will have an advantage: they do not need to regain their game tone. But Neftekhimik needs it. But we saw how the Khabarovsk residents came out of the pause, but we still do not know how the Nizhnekamsk residents spent their holidays. Therefore, I would bet on a fighting, but grassroots draw in regulation time. Something like 1: 1 or maximum 2: 2. What will happen next and who will be lucky, I will not guess.

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