Anastasia Kulikova – Lin Zhu: prediction and bets by Yaroslav Perkanyuk

Anastasia Kulikova

Kulikova made a small breakthrough in the ranking this season. But the most important thing is that the representative of Finland has noticeably improved in many game aspects, I especially want to highlight the serve. Anastasia stopped taking risks on the second ball and focused on stability. In the rallies, the tennis player still tries to act as the first number, attacking from any position on the court.

What Kulikova is noticeably lacking so far is stability and experience. Anastasia practically did not play at tournaments in the WTA category (due to her low ranking position). In addition, the tennis player is fixated exclusively on fast surfaces.

Ling Zhu

A year later, Zhu was still in the top 100, thanks to the “frozen” rating. But as soon as the points began to be written off, the Chinese woman was in the top 200. The reason is that for the second season in a row, Lin has not had regular playing practice (due to health problems). As a result, the Chinese woman was forced to come to Seoul to try to get in shape ahead of a series of Australian tournaments.

Zhu preaches defensive tennis. She keeps the ball in court for a long time and waits for mistakes from her opponents. Lin confidently wields cut strikes, uses parachutes to the very back line and shortens at the most unexpected moment. Zhu is experiencing serious problems with the service, as even with the first serve, he simply throws the ball into the court.

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Analysis of the fight

Zhu is just gaining shape, the Chinese woman has not played for about six months and at the moment is far from her optimal game. Nothing of the sort can be said for Kulikova, who will play her 80th match in a season and take down everyone in her path. Anastasia will outperform her opponent in punches and serve. I propose to bet on the representative of Sweden. It is worth paying attention to the victory of Kulikova in aces. Zhu also looks like total over (1.5) on double faults.

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