Anastasia Kulikova – Lin Zhu: prediction and rate of Ilya Rodin

See what the situation is. Ling Zhu, as the second seed of the tournament, began her fight in Seoul from the second round, as, by the way, did the second semi-finalist of the Frenchwoman Christina Mladenovich. Accordingly, Zhu played one match less than Kulikova, so the statistical comparison is not entirely correct.

But, whatever it was, the indicators of the Chinese woman in serving (even despite the excellent presentation of Kulikova) and in reception are higher than those of Anastasia. Better performance of the Chinese woman and at important breakpoints, both her own and the serves of her rivals.

In general, according to my calculations, Ling Zhu is the favorite in this match. And now we look at the line? Around 2.14 is the victory of the Chinese woman, which is undoubtedly a real “value bet” or an overvalued odds bet!
I suggest you play it safe a little and play on the positive handicap of the Asian.

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