Anastasia Kulikova – Valentini Grammatikopoulou: forecast and rate. Who should you give preference to?

Anastasia Kulikova

Anastasia spends the first season at a high level. She managed to make a real breakthrough in the ranking in 2021. The tennis player from Finland managed to rise from the 535th position in the ranking to 274. This year Kulikova managed to win 52 matches out of 72 that she played.

Anastasia controls the ball very well, knows how to punch powerfully with both hands and practically does not allow inaccuracies in the rallies. In the opening match at the tournament in Istanbul, she outplayed Riya Bhatia (6: 0.6: 2).

Valentini Grammatikopoulou

Valentini greased the end of the season. It is likely that she had some kind of injury, since after the US Open she played only two matches. She could not finish the match at the ITF tournament in South Africa. After that, the tennis player from Greece played one match. In qualifying for a tournament in Moscow, she was defeated by Ana-Lena Fridzam (6: 3.6: 0).

For more than two months after that, she did not play Grammatikopula and its form raises certain questions.

Personal meeting history

The tennis players have never met among themselves.

Outcome betting

Anastasia Kulikova’s victory is estimated by the coefficient 1.50, and Valentini Grammatikopoulou’s triumph can be played as 2.67

Forecast and rates

Anastasia Kulikova looks very powerful lately. She practically does not make unforced mistakes. She manages to keep the pace, but nevertheless it is necessary to lay in here the instability, which may still be characteristic of a tennis player from Finland. Valentini, of course, is not clear in what form of play, but she has always stood out in that she reliably acted on the back line. Grammatikopula in this meeting will be dragged and she has a chance in this meeting to create at least a hint of intrigue. To increase the chances of success, I’ll take a total with a purchase of up to 18.5 games.

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