Arianne Hartono – Anastasia Kulikova: forecast and rates of Yaroslav Perkanyuk

Arianne Hartono

This season, Hartono has significantly improved her results, thanks to which she made her debut in the top 200. However, the representative of the Netherlands to this day spends all her playing time at ITF competitions and at her 25 years old has no experience of performing at a high level at all. Arianne’s main problem is instability. The tennis player is not even able to play several matches at the same level, without drops.

Hartono is competitive on both tough and fast surfaces. Arianne occasionally makes adjustments to her game, as she often acts in an aggressive manner, is not afraid to receive balls high in the court and can go to the net. Due to the fact that the tennis player acts only in an attacking manner, she makes many unforced mistakes.

Anastasia Kulikova

This year, Kulikova is close to 80 matches per season. The representative of Russia traveled from tournament to tournament and regularly performed in the final stages, but a meager number of points is played at ITF competitions, so she is still in the top 300.

Kulikova stands out for her variable first serve, but takes unnecessary risks on the second ball and often makes a lot of double mistakes. On the back line, Anastasia is trying to act as the first number.

Analysis of the fight

Both girls perform on the tour is extremely unstable, but in 2021 they have significantly improved. Both Khartono and Kulikova act aggressively on the court, so there will be plenty of unforced errors. I doubt that anyone will be able to win an easy victory. Therefore, I suggest playing the total more (19.5). In addition, you should take a closer look at the total over (7.5) double faults.

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