Arianne Hartono – Carol Zhao: forecast and rate. Will we see the intrigue?

Arianne Hartono

Arianne has opened up closer since the middle of this season. The representative of the Netherlands looked very decent at hard tournaments. She has a very good serve, but we can say with confidence that the end of the season was very difficult for Hartono, so I think she needs a rest.

Carol Zhao

Carol was very promising when she was a junior. But in the adult tour, she somehow got lost. At the moment, the representative of Canada is 26 years old and she has every chance to unleash her potential. Zhao is ranked 289th. She lacks stability, but when she manages to find her playing rhythm, it is much easier to compete with her.

Personal meeting history

The tennis players have never met among themselves.

Outcome betting

Arianne Hartono’s victory is estimated by the odds 1.47, and the triumph of Carol Zhao can be taken for 2.71

Forecast and rates

Arianne, it seems to me, is already openly full. She cannot refuse to participate in the WTA series tournament, since she did not play many matches at this level, but objectively this is far from the best decision. With this in mind, I propose to take Zhao’s victory. Carol, though not so rapidly, is still improving the quality of her game. She must play better than in previous meetings, and this will allow her to break the resistance of Hartono, who, most likely, will not be in her best shape.

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