Arsenal – Manchester City: prediction and rate of Ilya Kazakov

In the first round, Manchester City knocked Arsenal out one wicket. It was after this match that something happened, both in Arteta and in the team.

Arsenal began to change. He played differently in terms of quality, results, and strategically. The last matches of the “Gunners” came out on a feast for the eyes. No one would have thought that they would go through such a segment that they would again start talking that the team from London was claiming to get into the Champions League.

In another case, with a different opponent, one would have to talk about Arsenal as a hidden favorite. But then there is a confrontation with Manchester City, albeit at home.

But Guardiola has a great league streak of his own, and the competition stumbles constantly. But Arsenal are not bad. But taking into account that the last matches between these teams were top, they scored each other, I would bet on two outcomes.

It seems to me that the meeting will be riding. I think both teams will score. Also I would take Arsenal’s victory with F (+1.5). It seems to me that the game will be very, very difficult for Guardiola’s team. Although Manchester should be considered the strongest club in this pair.

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