Arsenal – Sunderland: prediction and rate of Ivan Mlechny

We continue to discuss English football, and now I would like to talk about the English League Cup and the match between Arsenal and Sunderland.

Compared to the start of the season, Arsenal are now in excellent shape, having an excellent opportunity to reach the semifinals of this tournament. Moreover, it cannot be said that the selection of teams in this quarter-final is prohibitive, so that the Londoners as a whole can even claim the trophy. Arteta did an excellent job with the team, the coach finally got rotation players, and in general the team is quite young and strong. In the previous round, Arsenal faced Leeds and moved on quite easily, winning 2-0. It is noteworthy that the line-up that entered that match certainly cannot be called the main one, but I think that starting from the quarterfinals there will be no more such disregard for this tournament.

Sunderland looks good enough, the team has not lost four games in a row. True, the problem is that it does it even in the Championship. And even there the team is only on the third line, which does not give a direct hit to the division above. The team has already delayed its return to the previous level, but, in fact, it has nothing to do with our match.

Arsenal will have to play at home and in the matches that take place in their native walls, Arsenal are practically flawless. Just one defeat at home, and it is unlikely that in the match against Sunderland we will see changes in this statistical aspect. My prediction for this meeting is Arsenal’s victory with a -2 handicap. There is still a lot of time before playing in the Premier League, there are not many injured or coronavirus players in the Gunners’ camp either, so the main squad should appear on the field, which, I am sure, will make the difference!

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