Aston Villa – Chelsea: Eduard More’s forecast and bet

If Chelsea win, they could catch up with Liverpool on points. But it seems to me that it will be difficult to do it. And most likely it will not work.

Because there have always been good players at Aston Villa. But after the change of coach, they began to play together, he found an approach to them. The team looks very good. They know how to play football, and not just hit forward and butt.

The team played 6 games under the leadership of Gerrard, losing only twice to Liverpool and City. But the defeats to the leaders were allowed only in 1 ball and in the stubborn struggle. This despite the fact that Klopp and Guardiola were in perfect order at that moment. This speaks volumes.

When Chelsea have everything in order, they are in no way inferior to City and Liverpool. But the blues have suffered the most from covid. Twice Tuchel drew, barely gaining the composition. Miraculously, I managed to win the Cup thanks to my own goal.

But against Aston Villa this will not work. Especially when Villa plays at home.

I bet Aston Villa will not lose. They completely admit a goal draw. I don’t believe in a large number of goals, but there will be no 0: 0 either. I think it will be 1: 1.

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