Avangard – Dynamo Minsk: forecast and bet of Maxim Lebedev

A very interesting match, and it is interesting, first of all, by the fact that the opponents approached it in a head-on direction. That is, the guests with a winning streak of three matches, and the hosts, on the contrary, having lost both the final game of last year and the first of this year. In theory, the “hawks” should have done a good job on the unrequited “Avtomobilist”, correcting their karma and mood, but, as we know, the KHL canceled everything with the participation of Yekaterinburg residents, and canceled so much that they would play all this at another time physically impossible. This means that Avtomobilist will still receive a small handful of “techies” for its current problems and a deadly losing streak.

Well, God bless him, with Avtomobilist, we now have a new match. And the inflated Minsk Dynamo arrived on a visit to Avangard, clearly not to rake, but on the contrary. Can the “hawks” answer this with something weighty? In my opinion, quite. Moreover, they must do this, because if they cannot break the looming losing streak in Minsk, then who should they break it with? Alas, the statistics of personal meetings will not be able to help us: there, in principle, equality with a slight bias in favor of Avangard, but home or away bias is not observed at all. There remains a chuyka, and she tells me that the “bison”, of course, will stop, but “Vanguard” will still squeeze them to the final siren. And he wins in regulation time, and the lead will be quite decent – a couple of goals.

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