Avangard – Metallurg Mg: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev

Hello, friends! I am glad to welcome you to the “Bookmaker Rating”, or rather in that part of it, where they talk about hockey, only about hockey and nothing but hockey. You can, of course, talk about the youth world championship starting very soon, where our team went, according to the coaching staff, only for gold. Yeah, to the Canadian World Championships, on Canadian boxes, according to Canadian rules and with Canadian judges – aren’t you funny yourself? In a year, the youth world championship will be held here, in Novosibirsk. Imagine a picture, Tretyak comes out in all white and begins to bend his fingers: they say, the championship will be held with us, according to our rules and with our judges. What would he be told about this at the IIHF? And among Canadians, why does everyone take this for granted? And no one asks if they are crazy, and now the fifth of the last six World Championships are being held in North America.

Okay, let’s not talk about sad things, we will still cry about our youth team. Let’s talk about our native Continental League, or rather, about the upcoming Avangard – Magnitka match. That is, about the meeting between the champion and the leader. The leader won his first match after the Europause, but how? Severstal bounced back from 0: 3, and the Urals had to finish it off already in overtime due to the superiority in the individual skill of the players. It seems that Ilya Petrovich gave his team serious loads during the pause, just removed them from them, and there is still not enough team for the whole match.

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Avangard has a similar picture, but exactly the opposite. In the first match after the holidays, the Hawks were on fire 0: 2, but they won back and also won in overtime. Both opponents played at home, both played with representatives of the Western Conference. Avangard, however, had a slightly simpler opponent, well, Avangard itself is now a little simpler than Magnitka.

In general, all over the “battle of galaxies” comes out with an unpredictable outcome, right? Of course not! Because the upcoming match is very predictable, just look at the statistics of personal meetings. And she tells us that the hosts won nine times in the last ten “mezhsooyoichimki” in the framework of the KHL regular championships. Nine out of ten! Isn’t that enough? In my opinion, it is quite enough to predict the home victory of Avangard. Moreover, a victory in regulation time, since in the matches of these opponents, extra time happens even less often than away victories.

As for other predictions, welcome to the “Bookmaker Rating”. There are never enough forecasts here, and now there is still a regular program called “The Hockey Department”. To watch is not to revise.

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