Avtomobilist – Barys: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev

Let’s start with the fact that “motorists”, in principle, do not like cats, including Kazakhstani ones. Well, they do not know how to resist this breed of hockey teams, and the situation practically did not change even after it rained on the Yekaterinburg club from banknotes. And this means that regardless of who Avtomobilist plays with, whether against Ak Bars or Barys, regardless of the location of the match, it is not the Ural club that automatically becomes the favorite.

Further, in principle, you can not go, because there is continuous uncertainty. How do we know who and how productively conducted the Europause, who will run by the will of God, and who will rise by the greatness of Allah? We cannot lay on this, but we must understand that in all the matches after the Eurotour there is a big unknown. If it is not taken into account, then “Barys” in Yekaterinburg should not be easy, but still win. Most likely, the difference in the score will be small, no matter how much in a single puck. But at the same time, the Kazakhstani “felines” will cope in the main time, and in the last seconds, presumably, they will heroically fight off six of the Urals.

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