Avtomobilist – Severstal: forecast and rates of Maxim Lebedev

And again, we have a match on our agenda, which with a high degree of probability can be canceled, if only because during the time that has passed since the beginning of quarantine for Yekaterinburg residents, PCR tests of sick players cannot physically turn into negative ones. Even with the correction that these PCR tests are not much more accurate than moss, which shows north in the trees. But since the match has not yet been canceled by the league, we consider it, so to speak, valid and predict.

And what is there, strictly speaking, to predict? The current Avtomobilist, even in a clean state, can hardly do anything with the current Severstal. And given the fact that the residents of Cherepovets regularly play and train even more regularly while the residents of the Urals sit in their burrows in quarantine, this does not predict anything good for Avtomobilist. Well, they will come out of quarantine, start on skates that they have not been on for two weeks – so what? Will they beat the playing Severstal, which, moreover, is on the move? Oh, don’t tell my slippers …

Think so. If the match does take place, it will be a terrible sadism on the part of the league in relation to Avtomobilist. Because Severstal will walk over it with an asphalt paver, and will not only win in regulation time, but also, as it were, with the advantage of five washers, or maybe even more.

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