Badminton betting: features of the sport

Badminton betting: features of the sport

Badminton it is fun for most, especially for family and friends. However, it is also an Olympic sport, and badminton bets are accepted in all reputable bookmakers. Badminton is played with rackets, which are used to hit a projectile called a shuttlecock.

How to bet correctly on badminton

An unlimited number of people can play this sport, but singles and doubles are the most common in official competitions. Badminton can be played anywhere: in the yard, on the beach, in the forest, but official matches are played on a closed rectangular area.

Each team can hit the shuttle only once before it has to fly over the net. The game ends after the game projectile falls to the floor, or if one of the teams breaks the rules. The match consists of games and ends when one of the sides wins two games. Each game is played up to 21 points, if the score is 20-20, then the game goes on more / less until one of the sides leads with an advantage of 2 points.

Today’s badminton is dominated by three countries: China, Indonesia and Denmark. It has become a summer Olympic sport since 1992 and is represented there by five competitions: women’s singles, men’s singles, women’s doubles, men’s doubles and mixed doubles. Professional badminton requires athletes to have a high level of physical fitness: good endurance, strength, agility, accuracy, coordination of movements and speed.

What can you bet on in badminton

Speaking about badminton betting, we must take into account the peculiarity of this not the most popular sport. Badminton is a very dynamic and unpredictable sport, there is little information about athletes and their condition before the match, and even not every Russian bookmaker offers bettors a detailed list of matches.

Here is a list of the most popular badminton bets:

  1. A bet on the victory of one of the parties. This is the most common betting option. You can bet both before the match and during it.
  2. A bet on winning a game. It can usually only be done online live.
  3. Bets on the exact score of the match. Since the game is played up to two games won, the line offers not so many options: 0: 2; 1: 2; 2: 1 and 2: 0.
  4. A bet on the total of the match. You can bet on total points per game or per match.
  5. A bet on an odd or even number of points in a match. This type of bet is made at random, because it is impossible to predict this outcome in advance.
  6. A bet on the handicap of one of the parties. The favorites usually go with a minus handicap, the outsiders with a plus.
  7. A bet on the winner of the tournament. The forecast is usually made before the start of the competition and will be long term.
  8. A bet on the correct score in a game. You are unlikely to see this type of bet in many bookmakers, because it does not apply to popular ones.
  9. A bet on the difference in points in a specific game. The player tries to guess not only the winner of the game, but also the difference in points with which he will win.
  10. Match leader bet after 5, 10, 15 … 30 points in a certain game.

These were the most common types of badminton betting found in most bookmakers. It is important to understand that you will not always and not always find such a variety of bets. Their number directly depends on the list in a particular bookmaker and on the status of the tournament and match.

What to look for when betting

After we talked about the types of badminton betting, you can move on to the things to look out for when preparing for them. In this case, there are two options: the bettor can rely either on luck or on his knowledge based on deep analysis.

If you want to become a professional gambler who will win more than lose, you must base your betting decisions on analysis and never do it at random. Leave luck to those who play in the casino. For our part, we will tell you what to look for first.

Tournament status. The status of a tournament can directly affect the results of matches. Badminton is an unpredictable sports discipline in which agreements are not uncommon. The loudest example was the London Olympics incident, where everything was planned in advance. As a result, 8 athletes were disqualified. And what can we say about insignificant competitions? Knowing in advance the status of the tournament and its significance, you can protect yourself from a dubious bet.

Personal meetings. As with any other sport, each player has awkward rivals. It happens that the statistics of personal meetings are even more important than the overall rating of an athlete and his record of victories and defeats. And while the favorites still win 90% of their matches against weak opponents, they each have one they play poorly against. Bookmakers usually do not pay much attention to badminton and form the odds based only on the players’ ratings.

Player psychology. This is the main factor that is especially important to take into account when betting live, but it is better to know about it in advance. For example, some players have a habit of relaxing when leading with a comfortable score. Others, on the contrary, start poorly, but then catch their game and feel great in the role of catch-up. Knowing all this and watching the match live, you will have a chance to pick good odds.

Air temperature in the hall. For many, this factor may seem less important, but it is not. The shuttle will fly much faster if the temperature in the hall is higher. What does it give us? It’s simple: athletes with an attacking style of play have more chances to win, and those with a defender – less. You also need to take into account the physical readiness of the player, since not everyone can maintain a frantic pace of the game throughout the match.

Social networks. The main thing in sports betting is to be in the know. Badminton is not the most popular sport, so there is not a lot of information about the players on the net. This is where social networks, or rather the accounts of athletes in them, should help you. Pay attention to their physical and psychological condition, inner world, what kind of company they are around, posts and reposts, photos.

Fast decision making. One of the easiest ways to catch a good odds is to find it immediately after a match appears in the list. You should always adhere to the principle of “the sooner the better.” If the bookmakers make mistakes, misjudging the event, they soon correct them, leveling the odds, so you need to notice and bet quickly.

The physical form of the athlete. This is one of the most important indicators to look at when analyzing a match. Make sure that right now the player is in good shape, not worried about anything, takes the tournament seriously and can maintain a high pace of play.

Breakdown in odds. Since this is far from the most popular sport, in different bookmakers you can often see a serious difference in the odds for the same outcome. In this regard, it is advisable to have accounts in several bookmakers and look for the most suitable bookmaker coefficient.

The best badminton betting strategies

The fact that badminton is not the most popular sport has both advantages and disadvantages. Among the main disadvantages is the fact that there are very few badminton betting strategies. But a plus follows from this: it’s like untapped virgin soil, where you can find a good way to earn money yourself and use it, while others don’t even know about it. In the meantime, we will tell you about several well-known strategies.

Favorite win in live

This strategy is directly related to tennis and is used in cases where the favorite has unexpectedly lost the first set in many ways. It is the same in badminton: for example, before the start of the fight to win the match, the favorite was given a coefficient of 1.2, which is very low for a bet. And then suddenly he loses the first game of the match, and the coefficient rises to 1.7. And now there is a reason to think: why not bet on such a profitable odds?

Of course, this must be done live and be sure to watch the meeting in person. You cannot bet money blindly on a more rated opponent simply because he is stronger and seems to be winning. Situations are different, you must understand why the favorite was defeated in the first game.

If this happened due to the fact that the opponent showed an incredibly good game and he was lucky somewhere, then everything is in order, then everything should fall into place. But it can also be the other way around: the favorite of the meeting is worried about something, he is not in the mood for the match or is simply not serious about the tournament. That is why it is very important to personally follow the game and the development of events.

Catching up to win the draw

Some bookmakers accept bets to win in a particular drawing. We will bet on such bets as a catch-up strategy, that is, doubling each next bet in case of loss. To this end, we find a duel of approximately equal rivals and begin to bet. The odds of winning a particular draw will be 50-50, which means you have a chance of being successful. The odds for this outcome usually range from 2 to 3.

You can use both the classic one, where each next bet is simply doubled, and the modified catch-up, where the amount of the next bet directly depends on the coefficient and is calculated using the formula:

(Expected winnings + The amount of money lost before) / (Odds per event -1).

Before using this strategy, you should find a bookmaker where bets on such outcomes are accepted exactly, and also make sure that the office calculates your bets immediately after the end of a particular event, and not the entire match. Otherwise, you may simply not have enough money to continue the game.

Handicap bet

This cannot be unambiguously called a strategy, but it is possible to profit from such bets. To do this, you need to look for suitable pairs of opponents. It so happens that the underdog always plays to the last and clings to every point, which means that you can take a risk and bet on it with a positive handicap.

The favorite can also be the favorite of discord: some prefer to confidently beat their rivals, while others, on the contrary, prefer to spend a minimum of energy playing in an economical mode and not winning with the difference with which they seem to be supposed to. In general, here it is important to conduct a detailed analysis and to imagine in advance what to expect from the fight.

As a conclusion, we can say that badminton for the majority is still just a family entertainment, and not a sport. But its popularity is gradually increasing and most bookmakers offer badminton betting in their line.

Since bookmakers analyze such bets not as well as the same football or hockey, bettors have more chances to win and find value bets. But for this you need to be ready to constantly follow all the events in the world of badminton and not to miss any significant tournaments that are regularly held every year.

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