Barcelona – Real Madrid: forecast and bet by Ivan Mlechny

Spanish Super Cup, a tournament that three years ago was not a tournament, but simply a match. The current format for this trophy involves the participation of four teams, which will start their journey from the semi-finals. I would like to talk about one of these semi-finals. Let’s take a look at the meeting between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

No matter how exhibition this tournament was, but I am sure that both teams will exhibit the most charged composition. Barcelona are slowly improving their game and have not lost five matches in a row. Xavi is gradually building a new club, but still there are old inclusions in it. Dani Alves returned to the pitch, who was a participant in the toughest El Clasico, plus I can confidently say that the young Barcelona players, in whom the head coach believes so, are also very determined.

Still, it is still very early for Barça to compete with the current Real Madrid, which are in excellent shape and have practically no competitors in the current Spanish Championship. If not for the recent accident with Getafe, then the “creamy” would have just a crazy streak without defeats. And in all the last El Clasico, Madrid were stronger than their heads.

Benzema and Vinicius are in great shape, there is also an excellent selection of players in the center, and in general everyone is healthy, with the exception of Bale, but this loss will definitely not affect in any way. My prediction for this match is a victory for Real Madrid with a handicap of -1. I think that no matter how hot eyes Barcelona acted, but even at such a not very serious tournament in the Emirates, Real Madrid will be stronger. Good luck!

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