“Barys” – “Avtomobilist”: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev

Both rivals are going through hard times right now. And the difference between these neighbors in the Eastern Conference standings is that they are experiencing their hard times on opposite sides of the playoff zone border. Kazakhstanis from above, Yekaterinburg from below. And this immediately turns into a very big difference.

Nowadays it is generally possible to speak of Avtomobilist as of a dead man. The team played out before leaving the playoff zone, but did not calm down, and continues, so to speak, to play the balalaika, having already lost four matches in a row. And for their current ninth place, Yekaterinburg residents should bow to the belt “Amur”, who suddenly forgot how to play hockey, having transferred his skills to Vladivostok. “Cupid” would have walked like it used to, “Avtomobilist” would have hobbled around in tenth place now, and not “buzzed”. And so – the ninth, and with Barys playing every other time, the chances for an eight still remain. At least theoretically.

So we have a real match for the eighth line in the East, extremely important for both. And here everything is on the side of the Kazakhstanis: both the recent victory in Yekaterinburg, and the statistics of personal meetings, according to which Barys has an almost two-fold advantage in the number of victories in “get-togethers” (though it was created at the time when Avtomobilist was bread for water).

I will dwell on this. And I will predict Barys’s home victory in a difficult match. But all the same, this victory will be obtained in regulation time and with an advantage of a couple of goals or more.

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