“Barys” – “Salavat Yulaev”: forecast and rate of Maxim Lebedev

If the arrival of any Western team in Novosibirsk means that it either flies to the Far East or returns from there, then for teams from the Chernyshev division, trips to the unofficial capital of Siberia are often self-sufficient. So “Salavat Yulaev” rolled back and forth, brought back one point, but I certainly wanted more.

Now the residents of Ufa have arrived in the capital of Kazakhstan, where the local “Barys” will have much more motivation. Because Kazakhstanis are hanging in an unnatural position in the eighth place of the Eastern Conference, clinging to the playoff zone with their claws. And from below “Cupid” with “Avtomobilist”, with varying degrees of success, are trying to pull Kazakhstanis by the legs. Therefore, “Barys” in such a situation, even lie down, but take the points from “Salavat”, preferably two.

Do you think it will work? In principle, Kazakhstanis play with Ufa quite well. Of course, according to the statistics of personal meetings, they are inferior, but not catastrophically, not even one and a half times, but less. It is another matter that the Kazakhs lost the last four get-togethers, including one of the current season. And such a series of defeats to the same opponent, albeit extended in time, always gives rise to the losers’ self-confidence, and the winners – on the contrary.

In summary, wang draw in regulation time. Later, due to superiority in individual skill, Salavat, most likely, will score a second point. But there will be a big element of randomness, so I will not bet on the victory of the Ufa players outside of regular time. But for a draw in regulation time – quite.

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