Basketball strategy “New player”

Basketball strategy “New player”

Basketball is an addictive sports game that has tons of fans all over the world. Fans of betting in bookmakers often choose basketball as their main type of betting. The New Player basketball strategy is to track player transitions and try to catch the bookmaker on odds that have not yet been edited based on the transfers.

It should be noted that this strategy is significantly different from others, better known. But with proper implementation, it will help to beat the bookmaker no worse than others.

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The essence and features of the “New Player” strategy

This strategy can be used for different sports, but it can be applied to basketball not all year round, but only during the so-called transfer windows. During this time, clubs buy and sell basketball players, increasing or decreasing their chances of winning the tournament. This is what bettors can play on.

The politics of basketball clubs is strikingly different from that of football. In football, players often sign long-term contracts after moving to a new club. In basketball, there are often cases when at the end of a season, even a very successful one, half of the team leaves the team, since one-year agreements were concluded with them.

Of course, the transition of a new strong player affects the chances of the club in the new season. For example, if the coefficient for the team’s championship was 2.70, then with the arrival of a new basketball player, it drops to 2.20-2-50. And, conversely, if an important player has left, it means that the coefficient for the victory of this team will increase. The New Player strategy offers to make money on the change in the coefficients.

Similarly, you can catch odds during the season. Let’s say player X played in team Y for several months, was its leader, but suddenly he had a conflict with the management, and in a matter of days his contract was terminated. It goes without saying that in the first few matches it will be difficult for the coaching staff to replace their leader, therefore, you need to have time to put against team Y with a good odds.

How to use the strategy in practice

  1. In the upcoming match between the two teams, the victory of the first one is estimated by the odds of 1.20, and the victory of the second – 5.70.
  2. You will learn that the second team has acquired two very strong basketball players. You must immediately bet on P2 at the odds of 5.70, for example, 500 rubles.
  3. Then the bettor can only wait for the odds on W1 to rise, and on W2 to sag. After a while, the quotes will look something like this: P1 – 1.50, P2 – 2.60.
  4. Now you should put 1,500 rubles on W1 at the odds of 1.50, and with any outcome you will be in the black. Basically, you are catching a fork inside one bookmaker, but it will be perfectly legal.

To be successful with the New Player basketball strategy, you need to follow sports news closely. It is recommended to pay special attention to the NBA, where, even during the regular season, the team can sign a cool player.

Of course, you need to react quickly to important changes in team lineups. Efficiency when using this strategy is your key to success, as you need to have time to place a bet before the odds drop.

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