Basketball three-point betting strategy

Basketball three-point betting strategy

There are many strategies for betting on basketball, and one of them is betting on three-point shots. This is not the most common game tactic among domestic bettors, and this has its advantages and disadvantages. The former should include low competition, but the latter – poor painting.

Bets on three-pointers in basketball are not present on the lines of all bookmakers, and only the NBA is usually available from the markets. However, this is quite enough for a full-fledged game, because only one regular season of the strongest league in the world consists of 1230 matches. We will talk about the specifics of the three-point betting strategy in basketball in our article.

basketball three-point betting

Types of bets on three-point

This betting strategy involves betting on several different outcomes:

  1. For total. Usually this is the total number of threes scored, sometimes there is a total for the team and for individual players.
  2. Percentage. This is not the most common type of bet, which involves bets on the percentage of “three rubles” realized.
  3. To win by three-pointers. This is a bet on the team that implements the most shots from behind the arc in a match.
  4. On the first three-pointer. This is a bet on which team will score the longest shot first.

What to look for when analyzing

If you are going to use a three-point betting strategy in basketball, you need to consider the following factors when preparing for matches:

  • Do not pay too much attention to the places of the teams in the leaderboard. This only affects the motivation of the players. It is much more important to study the styles of the opponents’ play and see which of them is betting on three-point shots.
  • Usually, each team has one or two best snipers, and if one of them is injured, it is better to refrain from betting on this team or bet on the total less.
  • Pay attention to the opposing defenders, if they have a tough personalist, this will definitely make it harder for the opponent to attack from behind the arc.
  • Do not forget about the factor of the home arena, in the NBA, teams perform significantly better in front of their fans.
  • Don’t forget about motivation. If one of the teams is fighting for the playoffs, and the other does not claim anything, the implementation of the shots can directly suffer from this. The “tanking” teams deserve a special mention as they lose matches on purpose.
  • Do not forget to carefully prepare for the matches, since you will not have a lack of information. Even in Russian, there are enough materials about the NBA, and if you know at least basic English, you can find dozens of American sites with a detailed analysis of the games of each team.

Potential risks

When it comes to betting on three-pointers, one cannot but say that they are suitable for experienced players who are well versed not only in betting, but also in basketball. The average margin for such outcomes is usually 7-10%, and this is a high indicator in the distance. In order to maintain long-term profit, betting throughput must be at least 65-70%, which is a high indicator. However, it is easier to find value bets for such outcomes than for a classic victory of one of the teams or bets on handicap and total.

In general, the three-point betting strategy in basketball is rather controversial, and it has more disadvantages than advantages. It is suitable only for experienced players who are able to make correct predictions in 70% of cases, it will not be possible to bet large amounts on it due to the low limits, but the competition for these markets is low and there are always many matches to choose from. You can try, but you shouldn’t place too high hopes on this strategy.

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