Betting Bet: Express or Single – A Brief Guide

Betting Bet: Express or Single – A Brief Guide

Each bettor chooses the strategy of the game in the bookmaker’s office himself. Someone prefers to play on the pre-match line, others choose LIVE events. In both cases, the question arises as to which type of bet is better – single or multiple. Let’s compare the two types of bets to find out what their pros and cons.

what is better to bet on, single or express

How to play: express or single – pros and cons

First, let’s define the terms. Single – a bet on one event. If you have guessed the outcome, then the bet is played. Express consists of at least 2 outcomes. All of them are combined, and the coefficients are multiplied, forming the final one. In order for the express to play, the bettor must guess all the selected events.

Beginners usually choose express trains. Inexperienced bettors are tempted by the potential opportunity to “cut money” in an easy way, making a large coupon, and at the same time risking a small amount. Over time, players realize that the probability of passing is extremely small, and move to single bets.

When determining for yourself how best to bet – express or single, you should consider the pros and cons of each type of bet.

Pros and cons of ordinaries

The benefits include:

  • simplicity. I chose an event – analyzed it – made a bet. It couldn’t be easier;
  • more chances of winning. Predicting one event, even with odds of about 2.0, is easier than predicting two outcomes of 1.5 each;
  • margin. From one bet it will always be lower than in the “double” or “triple”;
  • analysis speed. To analyze one match, it will take much less time than express;
  • high betting limits;
  • the ability to “interrupt” during the match. If your bet plays, you can take the opposite outcome with a high odds in live, which guarantees a profit at the end of the meeting.


  • low winnings relative to the express;
  • for a solid increase in the pot, you need to guess at least several single bets in a row.

Pros and cons of express trains

There are not so many advantages to such bets:

  • high final coefficient – there are chances of a big win with a modest bet amount;
  • the opportunity to play several matches from different sports (if interesting).

Ordinary or express, which is better


  • low permeability. It is very difficult to guess 3-4-5 or more matches at the same time;
  • it takes a long time to analyze. By spraying attention on several games, you risk missing an important detail, because of which the entire coupon will not work;
  • you can’t play it safe in live. Even if bets are accepted on all events from the express train, it is difficult to find out which match will play and which will fail;
  • high bookmaker’s margin. Bookmakers put their own benefit into each coefficient. Multiplying the coefficients in the express, you do the same with the benefit of the bookmaker;
  • often fails 1 event. It’s a shame, having guessed 5 events, to burn out on the sixth. With single bets on the same matches, you would be in the black.

Ordinary or express: which is more profitable?

If you do not know which is better to bet – single or express, remember one immutable truth: by collecting an express from several matches, you automatically give an advantage to the bookmaker. A large number of events in the coupon increases the odds of the bookmaker, and vice versa.

Every type of bet has a right to life. It is impossible to say unequivocally that single bets are better than express bets – perhaps you will be able to guess several results at a time. However, the trend is evident: almost all professional tipsters play single bets. Sometimes, in the presence of a weak line, a coupon can be formed from two events. The rest of the “locomotives” and “towels” are collected for fun or if you know how to calculate quotes better than the office.

Since the average player is rarely capable of deep analysis, parlay bets are more likely to lose than wins. In addition, with single elections, you can compare the coefficients in different offices and find the most profitable one.

It is unrealistic to make money on a long distance using express trains. Therefore, the answer to the question of how to get more profit, by single or by express, is obvious.

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