Blackpool – Hull: forecast and rate. Teams will not cheat on themselves

About “Blackpool” not so long ago it was possible to speak. As expected, the team lost to Middlesbrough. True, there was no one to move Blackpool from 13th place. So the situation hasn’t changed much since then.

Hull is ranked 19th with 12 defeats and 23 points. The team is separated from the relegation zone by some 4 points. Therefore, the question of survival is acute. For 3 rounds the team cannot win, having suffered 1 defeat and won 2 draws.

Blackpool and Hull have met twice in this calendar year (2021). Moreover, the first meeting in January was in the First League. Then they played 1: 1. And on September 28, they also dispersed in peace, and with the same score.

Despite this, Blackpool are considered the favorites of the meeting. You can bet on the home team to win with a coefficient of 2.19. W2 is played for 3.44; X – for 3.46.

This is despite the fact that Blackpool won only 1 match out of the last 5 at home (and even that one from the outsider Peterborough United), this is with 3 defeats. By the way, “Hull” plays better away: 2 defeats with two wins and 1 draw.

I think you can play OZ here. Because Blackpool just skated 1-2 with the mighty Middlesbrough. In the last 3 matches he scores without fail. Well, Hull have done the same in their last 4 away games. In addition, if you look at the overall picture of the guests, this club has scored 11 goals in the last 7 matches.

In addition, their last two meetings were OZ. The teams will not betray themselves.

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I will take “Both will score” with the odds of 1.87.

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