Bob McCune and his impact on sports betting

Bob McCune and his impact on sports betting

Famous American betting theorist Bob McCune and his influence on sports betting have gone down in history forever. He developed a strategy named after him, which any bookmaker client, even an inexperienced beginner, can master. Its disadvantage is that the strategy was invented when few people knew about online betting, so the tactics may seem outdated. In addition, at the end of the 20th century, McKune wrote several books on betting, the most famous being “The Education of a Sports Bettor.”

Bob McCune's strategy for betting in bookmaker

Bob McCune’s Player Types

The theorist divided bettors into three categories:

  • those who closely observe sports and believe exclusively in intuition when predicting;
  • bettors who do not pay enough attention to analysis, but use different schemes and strategies, like in a casino;
  • professional cappers who make money on betting with the help of insider information and in-depth analysis.

McKune ranked himself in the 3rd category and argued that the other two players were simply money providers for the offices. He was sure that the players were spending too much time analyzing the line, whereas the office had already done this by setting the odds.

Bob McCune and sports betting

The theorist called for learning to analyze the data and “read” the line. He talked about the importance of being able to determine who is the real favorite in the match and who is the outsider. In addition, the bettor must distinguish between what the kef means and what the essence of his movement will be.

Bob McCune’s sports betting personality and strategy

Experts to this day debate how effective McCune’s strategy is. Numerous studies have shown that in the long term, using the system allows you to guess about 60-62% of all bets, while the odds do not matter.

Since McKune lived in the United States, he made bets on student basketball, hockey, and American football, popular in this country. However, today the strategy can be applied to other sports as well.

The essence of McCune’s strategy

The main essence of Bob McCune’s strategy is to monitor the movement of odds for handicaps and totals and bet on the outcome in the direction of which the odds “sag”. For example, if in the morning in a basketball match the odds of one of the opponents (-8.5) were 1.8, and three hours later it increased to (-10.5) with the same odds, McKune insisted on an immediate bet on the handicap ( -10.5), since such a movement of the line cannot be accidental. It is no secret that if the odds in the bookmaker are falling, it means that someone is seriously “loaded up” for this outcome.

The theorist believed that while in the NBA and NFL, line movements could be caused by “downsizing” from ordinary players, then in student leagues, which few followed, this trend was caused by the rates of pros who had inside information from relatives and acquaintances of players. Thus, according to the theoretician, by following these “loads” and setting in the same way, one can achieve success.

Bob McCune’s rules

We bring to your attention a few basic recommendations from an American theorist that will help you better understand and master the strategy:

  • it is preferable to bet on sports where a draw is impossible – basketball, tennis, hockey (including shootouts);
  • the strategy works most effectively in the North American leagues;
  • if there is no movement of the line or it is insignificant, obviously the favorite will win;
  • when the handicap changes, the bettor must be followed in the same direction;
  • if a couple of hours before the match the movement of the line changes abruptly, you need to follow the new direction;
  • no need to bet earlier than 60 minutes before the game – don’t rush anywhere!

Bob McCune’s books

In his most famous creation, Sports Betting Education, the theorist revealed the secrets of applying his strategy to college basketball and American football tournaments. In addition, McKune published In 1999, The Insider on Sports Betting, and in 1996 he wrote Relationships in Sports Betting. His first book back in 1984 was The Football Handicapping Guide.

All of these books have been reprinted many times and are still popular with professional cappers. As you can see, Bob McCune’s strategy and his influence on sports betting can hardly be overestimated.

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