Brenda Frukhvirtova – Yuki Naito: forecast and rate. What are the chances of Brands’ success?

Brenda Frukhvirtova

Brenda managed to deal with Jeong Moon without any problems, giving her opponent only one game. The match lasted 50 minutes. The representative of the Czech Republic is determined to act powerfully and aggressively. In her actions, a small number of errors are now slipping. Considering that this tennis player is only 14 years old, this is amazing.

Yuki Naito

High hopes are pinned on Yuki in Japan. The tennis player is already 20 years old. She is involved in the matches for the national team. She has been performing steadily on the tour, but so far she has not been able to achieve much success.

Naito is ranked 262. At the start of the current tournament, she beat Enyong Park (6: 1, 6: 4).

Personal meeting history

The tennis players have never met among themselves.

Outcome betting

The victory of Brenda Frukhvirtova is estimated by the quotation 1.65, and Yuki Naito’s triumph can be taken for 2.35

Forecast and rates

Naito has much more experience. It is not entirely clear why she is the underdog in this fight. Brenda, of course, demonstrates a phenomenal game for fourteen years, but she still lacks physical strength. This season, Naito has played in a number of tournaments, fought with many top tennis players. This should help her in the upcoming game.

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