“Brentford” – “Manchester City”: prediction and rate of Edward Mohr

“Brentford” are a team that fights and butts, as they would say before: “typically English”. After two matches in a row postponed due to covid, the team fell out of shape. There was an important meeting with Brighton. But it was difficult to call it a game of football: the teams just butted, there were no combinations, but there was a lot of struggle and joints. In such a game, Brighton turned out to be stronger.

Against City, Brentford also has nothing to offer but a fight.

But Manchester City is not afraid of this. The team knows how to hack defense. When an early goal is scored, the opponents have no chance.

In a crazy match against Leicester, the Citizens took 3 points. There was a terrific first half where Manchester dealt with Leicester like children.

City is fine. The team has no problem. The attack group looks great. This is despite the fact that there is a long bench. I think Guardiola will make a big rotation on Boxing day. And this will not affect the quality of the game in any way. On the contrary, those who take to the pitch will prove that they, too, deserve a place in the starting lineup. I think City will tear apart.

And Brentford has no such bench. And there is no strength to withstand such a number of matches in a short period. I think that they will simply crumble and at some point will stop fighting. Because there is still a game ahead of January 2.

Here I am expecting a complete break from Manchester City, as in the last match.

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I’ll take ITB1 (2.5). At the same time, here you can play a handicap (-2.5), she should confidently enter. But I will focus on the total.

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