Burnley – Everton: forecast and rate. Merseysides will confidently spend the second half

Stadium: Turf Moore (Wolverhampton).
Referee: Anthony Taylor.


Burnley: Root (?), Barnes.
Everton: Davis (?), Calvert-Lewin (?), Townsend, Ding, Richarlison, Mina.

Team form

Burnley played the last match on December 12. This means that the team received a full rest of sixteen days, because there is no outbreak of covid in the team. This is a normal training process, recovery procedures, so the “claret” ones are quite capable of getting out of the relegation zone after this round. They traditionally have a good second half of the season. Now, for example, the team has lost only one match out of six, which is already progress. Prior to that, they scored only four points in nine meetings.

Everton suffers from endless injuries, but there is no covid in the team either. Although who knows, maybe ten days of isolation would be better than a few months in the infirmary. Richarlison is still missing, but there is a chance to play with Calvert-Lewin. The Merseysides, through the heroic efforts of Pickford and the Chelsea players, were able to take away the 1-1 draw at Stamford Bridge. Although one victory in almost three months (since September 25) still does not inspire optimism.

Outcome betting

“Toffee” played out to the point that they are not favorites in the match with “Burnley”. For the victory of the burgundy bookmakers give 2.48, for the success of the guests – 3.12. You can try to play on this. Can Everton beat Burnley? Undoubtedly. Exactly three years ago (December 26, 2018) the Merseysiders staged a body removal to the Turf Moore and won 5-1. X2 quoted at 1.60

Handicap betting

Zero guest handicap is estimated at 2.18 fat… In theory, Everton is a class higher, and a draw against Chelsea and a victory over Arsenal can serve as an argument in favor of the “toffee”. After all, they can when they want. Even lost Everton are two points ahead of Burnley.

Total bets

Burnley failed to break the classic top (2.5) in seven of the last ten games. But Pope managed to get only three “crackers” in this segment. True, more than one “claret” team was scored in the same number of matches.

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Everton have not conceded at all in only one game out of ten. The individual score of 1.5 goals was broken only twice, and the team lost seven times.

Total less than 2.5 is estimated as workers 1.66

Forecast and bet on the match “Burnley” – “Everton”

Teams have an interesting trend in second half in favor of Everton… This bet has not lost eight times in the last ten meetings. In this case, the odds for the outcome is more than two – 2.08… Both Burnley and Everton need glasses. When else to win if not against a team from the relegation zone? Rafa Benitez must, finally, at least move a safe distance from the 18th place, otherwise it turns out undignified somehow.

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