Cadiz – Sevilla: forecast and rate of Vladislav Turov

Cadiz are the worst possession team averaging 35% (37 home) with 68.9% passing accuracy. It is also difficult to talk about some kind of combinational football with an average of 217 assists in the match. However, this does not mean that Cadiz is weak and incapable of sensationalism. Last season, Alvaro Cervera’s team was remembered for their high-profile victories over the top clubs in Spain. This season, Cadiz are again struggling to survive and sometimes surprise surprises like they did against Real Madrid recently.

Sevilla under Lopetegui is one of the best teams in Spain in ball control. On average, the Sevillians get 60.5% with a transmission accuracy of 85.6%. It should be borne in mind that they have already played away against very strong ball control teams like Real Madrid, Real Socied and Celta.

Both teams have line-up problems, mainly due to the coronavirus. The guests have very unpleasant passes in defense, several players are offside at once. Against an opponent like Cadiz, this can play a cruel joke. In any case, I expect a double-decker bus from the owners, and given the manner in which Lopetegui’s teams play, it is quite realistic to expect Sevilla to have 80% control.

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