Canada U20 – Germany U20: forecast and bet by Maxim Lebedev

I remember the days of my stormy youth, serving in the navy, and how we were invited in the mid-90s to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Malaysia’s independence. And here comes our freshly painted anti-submarine handsome man, only “from the store”, 170-meter length with almost four hundred crew. And something very small, fragile and coal comes out to meet us, with a single little fluff on the nose, but of such caliber that even a pea jacket cannot break through in calm weather. We, a sinful thing, at first thought that it was a pilot boat, then looked in the stamped reference book, it turned out that we were met by the largest ship of the Malaysian navy. And immediately it became somehow uncomfortable …

Approximately the same ratio looms in the confrontation between Canada and Germany. Moreover, Canada has already played out, and even playing at home, on its grounds and with its judges. Therefore, there can be no question of who will win in principle. We can only talk about how the Germans will lose. They, of course, will squeeze out of themselves what they can, but so far they can do quite a bit.

Therefore, everything is simple here: of course, a victory for Canada. Of course, in regular time. With the advantage of, say, six or more pucks. With all due respect to the Germans.

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