Canon MF3010 – How to Scan Documents

The Canon MF3010 all-in-one fully meets the requirements of a small office. With this printer, you can copy the necessary documents, send reports for printing, and scan paper media for their storage in electronic form. The user opened the scanner cover, put a sheet of information, closed the lid, and… So what’s next? So that you do not have any questions about how to scan a document on a Canon MF3010 printer, the manualsspace team created this material.

Installing the driver on the Canon MF3010 scanner

Before you connect the printer to your laptop or PC, you must install the necessary drivers. Without them, the computer does not see the MFP, it will not be possible to scan documents, and several other copying and printing equipment functions will be closed. Most often, the package includes a disk with the necessary software. When buying a used printer and in some other cases, it is possible to install an MFP without a disk.

When downloading drivers from the Internet, visit only the official Canon website. Next, you need to perform simple steps:

  1. 1 Enter the model of the device – MF3010 in the search field.
  2. 2 Select the operating system. The site independently determines the operating system used, but if the choice is made incorrectly, select the desired item from the drop-down list.
  3. 3 Select your preferred language. Default – Russian
  4. 4 Click the [Download] button.
  5. 5 After downloading the file, open the installation wizard and follow its recommendations.
  6. 6 Restart your PC.
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How to scan with Canon MF3010 printer manual

Is the MFP connected to your computer and all the necessary drivers installed? Then open the scanner and put the document on the glass of the tablet. On the MF3010, scanning is fairly simple.

1. Go to [START]. Then go to [Control Panel]. Select the category [Devices and Printers]. If you don’t see such a label, change the view to [Large icons ] in the upper right corner.

2. You will see a list of printers to which drivers are installed. Right-click on the Canon MF3010, select “start scanning” from the context menu.

If you still do not understand how to scan from printer to computer, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our other material. That’s it. These manipulations are enough to perform a standard scan of the document and save it to the PC.

Canon MF3010 – How to scan with applications?

Canon MF Toolbox is the official application. It can be downloaded from the Internet or use the boot disk that comes with it. Follow the tips of the installation wizard, install the drivers, and connect the PC to the MFP.

You can also use the PaperScan Free program with the printer Canon MF3010 to scan on Windows 10 easier with the second application. The official MF Toolbox may not work correctly on this operating system.

How to set up a Canon MF3010 scanner

Before starting the scan, MF Toolbox will display the following window:

  1. Source selection. There is no need to change anything here.Paper size. The default is A4, but if you are scanning a document of a different format, the value must be changed. If the paper format is incorrect, it may be difficult to orient it during printing.
  2. Scan mode. If you are trying to understand the Canon MF3010 MFP, how to scan color or monochrome documents, then this is regulated in this field.
  3. Image quality. The higher the resolution, the better the resolution of the document after saving.
  4. The name of the file. Specify the desired name for the scan document.
  5. File type. Specify the desired extension for the dock. In JPEG format, files retain their original appearance and cannot be edited. If you plan to make changes to the scan copy in the future, then select the PDF type. The tiff document format is used to convey the depth of color images. How to scan to one PDF file Canon MF3010? To do this, select [PDF (Multiple Pages)]in the [File Type] section.
  6. Save the scanned image to… Select where to save the file by clicking on the [Browse…]button.
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This completes the basic setup of the Canon MF3010 scanner.

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