Canon MF3010 – Print Defects and Major Malfunctions

Laser printers Canon MF3010 are popular in offices, shopping centers, printing services. They are unpretentious in maintenance, and the refilling of the Canon 725 cartridge can significantly reduce the cost of prints. Even with the sprinter’s careful operation and timely prevention, the device may fail or partially fail to perform its functions. Masters of the manualsspace have prepared a material that will help solve the most frequent problems that arise in the Canon MF3010.

Common Printing Defects and Canon MF3010 Malfunctions

Canon MF3010 Laser Printer Does Not Print

The most common reason the Canon MF3010 does not print is because of the wrong connection. We recommend that you read our article on connecting a printer over a network to eliminate the possibility of a software error. Also, check the cable for mechanical damage. If necessary, replace it.

Try reinstalling the driver if the Canon MF3010 printer does not print after updating Windows or printing-related programs. Check the level of toner and the presence of paper in the trays. If the problem does not work, call the wizard. Only after a full diagnosis of the device can we talk about the causes of the malfunction. Masters of the Tonfix service center conduct initial diagnostics at home or in the office. After the employee finds out why the Canon MF3010 printer does not print, he discusses the causes of the breakdown and the cost of repair with the client.

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Canon MF3010 Pale Printing

There are four main causes of dull printing:

  1. 1 Low toner level.
  2. 2 Toner is not compatible with the operation of the device
  3. 3 Wear of the drum or other rollers.

The cause of pale printing often is the independent refilling of the Canon 725 cartridge – pale printing does not take long to wait and manifests itself from the first pages. To remedy the situation, disassemble the consumable, carefully cleaning it from the remains of old toner. Use SCC toner powder or other proven brands.

Restoring the cartridge by replacing the drum is standard procedure. You can order this service from us or replace the drum yourself. Pay attention to the primary charging roller, magnetic shaft, and conductive contacts. For a better idea of the location of the parts, check out our Canon 725 refueling instructions.

Canon MF3010 – paper stuck or not captured

When the printer jams sheets of paper, it is necessary to stop the printing process and carefully get the crumpled page. Using tweezers or other improvised tools, remove pieces of stuck paper from the printing path, if any. Follow these steps:

  • plough the sheets of paper in the tray;
  • check the pages for curved corners;
  • make sure that the paper density does not exceed 163 g/m2, but not less than 60 g/m2;
  • choose the right media format.

Try printing the page again. When re-jamming, perform a partial disassembly of the Canon MF3010, inspect the printing path for the presence of extraneous things. As a rule, it can be paper clips, buttons, stapler staples, and other stationery garbage. If there are no foreign objects inside the printer, inspect the paper capture rollers. The smooth, bald surface of the rubber roller indicates wear. For this reason, the Canon MF3010 does not grab the paper or hijack it. Snap off the retainers and change the roller.

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Canon MF3010 бумага застряла Canon MF3010 does not grab paper

Canon MF3010 does not scan or freezes during scanning

If Canon MF3010 does not scan on Windows 10, we recommend visiting the manufacturer’s official website and downloading the patch to the main driver. After downloading, open the file, it will be installed automatically. You can learn more about how to scan on the Canon MF3010 printer from our other material.

Mechanical breakdowns include contamination or mechanical damage to the calibration strip. In this case, the Canon MF3010 printer has error E202 – requires disassembly of the scanner and replacement of the strip. The engine wiring could also move away. Due to the design features of the printer, the drive unit is poorly protected, which leads to damage and tearing off the wires of the scanner motor.

Canon MF3010 не сканирует на Windows 10Canon MF3010 hangs during scan

If you need prompt repair of the Printer Canon MF3010 at a reasonable price, call the service center Tonfix and call the master. On average, repair work lasts about 3-4 hours. If the cause of the breakdown is not significant, it is eliminated on the spot. In other cases, the MFP is transported to the workshop.

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