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Canon MF4410 does not scan: How to fix?

Laser multifunctional printing devices combine several useful functions: a copier, a printer, and a scanner. Unfortunately, sometimes users face a situation where the MFP Canon MF4410 and MF4430 do not scan. What to do in this situation and why this happens – let’s understand everything in order.

Why doesn’t the Canon MF4410 scan?

There are four popular versions:

  • You must install a printer driver or update an existing software.
  • There was a conflict between the operating system and the scanning program;
  • Something broke in the scanner itself;
  • A one-time system failure.

If the Canon MF4410 is not scanning for the first time, although there were no problems with this function before, restart the PC and the MFP itself. Reboot eliminates the possibility of an accidental failure. This method rarely helps, but it does not take much time. It will be very disappointing if, after several hours of torment and dancing around the scanner, it turns out that a normal reboot was needed. Now let’s analyze other situations when the printer does not scan.

Canon MF4410 does not scan on Windows 10, 7 due to utility conflict

In the Windows operating system, there is a program – “Faxes and scanning.” It’s standard. Canon releases the Toolbox app for its printing devices. It allows you to use the capabilities of the Canon MF4410, MF4450, MF4430, and other MFPs at 100%. Both utilities allow you to scan to your computer but can conflict with each other.

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The program for scanning Canon MF4410 Toolbox has more functionality, so it makes sense to disable the standard Windows software. This will not affect the operation of the printer unless you can scan documents without any problems. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Go through [Start] to [Control Panel]. On Windows 10, type the name in the search bar and select the result you want. Alternatively, right-click on the [Start] icon and select the desired item.

2. Next, select [Programs]. Don’t have one? Try changing the browsing type to “Categories.” The next step is to open the subsection [Enable or … Windows].

3. Select the category [Document Printing Services]. Uncheck [Faxes and…]. Restart your PC.

If the MF4410 MFP does not scan on Windows 7, 10, this method helps in approximately 60% of cases. If your printer still refuses to send scans to your computer or freezes all the time, continue to follow the guidelines below.

Canon MF4410 printer prints, but does not scan – check drivers

A laser printer does not print or scan – this is a separate story, which we paid attention to in other material. Go to the official website of Canon. Next, please select the desired operating system and its bitness. The site selects the appropriate driver automatically, but as the saying applies, “trust but verify.” The OS is selected correctly, the language of the installer suits us – click the [Download] button.

Next, follow the instructions in the installation wizard. If the Canon MF4410 does not install the scanner driver, it is likely to be installed automatically. Try removing the printer driver from your computer completely and reinstalling it as described above. Also, try to hold down the[COPY/SCAN]keys on the MFP and select [Remote scanner] from the list.

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Canon MF 4410 scanner does not work because it broke

The scanner consists of a stepper motor, AN LED ruler, a bunch of loops, and gears controlled by a separate board. When it is not possible to solve the issue at the software level, you need a full repair of the scanner. We recommend entrusting this work to the masters of the TonFix service center. Our customers get a quality guarantee on the part to be replaced and forget about when the Canon MF4410 printer does not scan. Repair of laser printers lasts no more than three working days.

Do not forget to fill the printer cartridges with high-quality toner promptly and perform prevention. We hope this material was useful for you and you managed to defeat the obstinate scanner. Need help from specialists? Call our manager and leave a request for the departure of the master.

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