Chelsea – Brighton: forecast and bet of Denis Kazansky

A fun match is not expected here. Chelsea will try to win, but it will be extremely difficult to do so. Here you have to try hard. And the points are very much needed, because Liverpool still have a game to play, City is incredibly good.

Comes “Brighton”, with which Tuchel has already played by zero, if we recall the result a year ago. Brighton is a team that can play strong defensively.

The defensive formations are duller than what they were with Aston Villa. There was a bright match, but here it will be difficult. Because in the last 5 matches, Brighton conceded only 3 goals.

Chelsea have returned Romelu Lukaku, but still have problems with completion. I would point out that Chelsea rarely win the first half. This does not happen in the last 5 matches. Brighton will act deep in their own box,

Therefore, I bet on X in the first half.

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