“Chelsea” – “Chesterfield”: prediction and rate of Alexander Netsenko

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Let’s talk about the FA Cup match in which Chelsea will host Chesterfield’s Division 5 squad.

Chesterfield are the leader of the fifth division. He has the longest streak of any English team without a defeat. It has 23 matches. There was only one defeat in the national championship. In general, “Chesterfield” does not look like such a soft plush toy.

Moreover, Chelsea will conserve their forces, as the team recently played in the League Cup semifinals against Tottenham. A few days later, the return match, and then the confrontation in the Premier League against Manchester City.

It is obvious that the line-up will appear, as in the recent match against Brentford, Weill, Simons and others. It is possible that they will play even in the starting lineup, but it is unlikely that it will be very weak.

Chelsea are not doing well in the championship race yet, so a bet may be placed on cup tournaments. Chelsea are a great cup fighter and we know that very well. I will not rant too much about the match. Chelsea are the clear favorites and Chesterfield will never win.

Chelsea will have possession and control will be established, but Chelsea will go in and finish off the opposition as the squad will have young performers who are not yet tempted by cup matches. They will try, but they will be let down by the realization of scoring chances. Chelsea often suffer from this.

So what do I take. I’m betting that Chelsea won’t concede for 1.62. I take the total of the match under 4.5 goals for 1.66. I take Chelsea’s win with a handicap (-2.5) for 1.53. I also take Chelsea’s win through under 4.5 total in 1.82. Hope we get lucky! Good luck!

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