Chelsea – Liverpool: prediction and rate of Arthur Petrosyan

New Year’s greetings to everyone!

I am Arthur Petrosyan, we are talking about one of the first cool matches in the Premier League in 2022 – Chelsea – Liverpool.

To be honest, I didn’t think Chelsea would be such a problematic team this season. It seemed that Tuchel was doing everything in his power to make the team progress, and this happened for a long time, but a lot of misfortunes fell on the team, and no one really thinks about the championship.

Key players began to drop out, so Tuchel has problems in terms of personnel, as well as in terms of play, the team has problems. If last season the team lost only 10 points, leading the score, then this incomplete season Chelsea have already lost 11 points, which speaks of not the healthiest atmosphere and insufficient mood. It is not only the players who are to blame for this, but also the coach. Let’s not forget the game in St. Petersburg, where Zenit really wanted to win and take first place in the group, but, leading the score, Chelsea could not keep the victory. After the game, Tuchel was very angry and dissatisfied. Actually, this was the concrete beginning of the team’s big problems.

As for Liverpool, they looked imposing in the game against Leicester. Klopp thought to beat the Foxes with one left after the semi-reserve squad played with them in the Cup, but football punishes for that. Too many players rested that day, the center of the field did not work well. It seems to me that Klopp will not allow the second such game in a row. In addition, this is the last game before the African Cup, where Salah and Mane are leaving. Apparently, they are leaving for a long time, since Senegal and Egypt are likely to stay late at the tournament. It seems to me that everyone here should play at their maximum. In general, the team should apologize for what they got up to in the previous game. My favorite here is Liverpool.

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It seems to me that a not very effective game will turn out. You can bet on X2 and the total is less than 3.5, and the more cautious option is less than 4.5. I also think that according to all statistical indicators, Liverpool should prevail here. Chelsea’s only chance to grab something here is to play number two, so Liverpool will immediately seize the initiative. On corners, shots and shots on target, Liverpool must win in the first half.

The main bet is X2 and the total is less than 4.5. If you agree, then put your thumbs up, subscribe to our channel. It was Artur Petrosyan specially for the Bookmaker Rating.

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