“Chicago” – “Toronto”: forecast and rate. Protection will recede into the background


The Bulls have begun to recover from the crisis over the large-scale covid scores and the cancellation of matches. In the last two meetings, the “bulls” beat “Houston” and “Lakers”, and DeRosan is just in shock form. Obviously, he will be maximally set against his former team. Of the significant losses now, it is worth noting Zach LaVine and Caruso, and so all the other key performers are already in the ranks. At home, “Chicago” is doing very well in terms of attack. In 7 of the last 9 home battles, the team scored at least 109 points. And since the beginning of the season, the “bulls” in their native walls have lost only 4 times.


The Canadians are not doing very well with covid. VanVleet, Barnes, Flynn will definitely miss the upcoming match. The Canadians were supposed to play three home games in a row, but have played only one. Two games were postponed. On the road, the “reptiles” have lost five of seven battles, and in six meetings they missed at least 113 points. The Raptors themselves have scored more than a hundred on the road in 9 of their past 11 matches. Given the loss of “Toronto”, it is not surprising that it is “Chicago” is the favorite of the meeting, with a head start on the home team for 10 points.


With such a handicap to play against, albeit bloodless, but sometimes very stubborn “Toronto” does not pull too much. Here I would pay attention to the total of 212 shackles offered for this match.

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Firstly, the average total home matches of “Chicago” is 216.5 points. Toronto’s average away goals are the same. The proposed total in home matches “Chicago” made its way seven times in the last 10 games, with another game having 211 points. If we take the away meetings of the Canadians, then such a bar has been overcome in 7 of the last 8 battles. By the way, the individual total on “Chicago” over 110.5 points also looks good.

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