Christina Mladenovic – Zhu Lin: forecast and bets by Yaroslav Perkanyuk

Christina Mladenovic

Mladenovic continues to surprise with a low level of play. The Frenchwoman has played her last matches at Challengers and ITF tournaments. At the same time, Christina barely bounced off her rivals of the top 400 level in almost every match, especially in Seoul. All this only confirms that Mladenovic needs an experienced coach, but she continues to trust her brother.

Mladenovic began to keep the ball in the court more and play back with cut strikes, but the problem is that she does not work well with her legs and does not keep up with simple balls. Something incomprehensible is going on with the serve, Christina allows a lot of doubles and sags even on the first ball. The Frenchwoman still connects the outputs to the grid, but manages to make mistakes, even from destructive positions.

Lin Zhu

Zhu is unable to fully return to the tour due to persistent health problems. But the Chinese woman arrived in Seoul in optimal shape, where she not only got practice, but also made her way to the final. At the moment, it is difficult to assess Lin’s level of play, since she has not yet faced serious opponents.

Zhu does not limit herself in any way on the court, when necessary, she seizes the initiative and quickly ends the rallies. If the blows do not pass, Lin moves to the back line and acts on the defensive. The Chinese woman confidently wields both forehand and backhand.

Analysis of the fight

Zhu will outplay Mladenovic on the back line, especially if the Frenchwoman continues to play defensively. In addition, Christina spent a lot of energy in the tournament and made her way to the final only thanks to the mistakes of her rivals, who gave easy points at the most decisive moments. I propose to bet on Ling Zhu to win.

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