Christina Mladenovich – Ekaterina Kazionova: forecast and rate. Is Catherine capable of another sensation?

Christina Mladenovic

Christina scored all her victories at the Seoul tournament in three sets. She managed to cope with Na-Le Han and Yuki Naito. It can be seen that the Frenchwoman is still acting unstably. She strives to play the first number and play the game, crushing her rivals with the pace. When Mladenovic is not wrong, it is really difficult to stop her.

Ekaterina Kazionova

Ekaterina is ranked 356th in the ranking. On account of her victories at the current tournament over Dabin Kim, Reku-Luka Yani and Lindu Frikhvirtova. The match with the representative of the Czech Republic dragged on for 2 hours and 27 minutes.

Kazionova serves very well, but she lacks stability in the draws on the back line.

Personal meeting history

Tennis players have never met among themselves.

Outcome betting

Christina Mladenovic’s victory is estimated by the quotation 1.13, and the triumph of Ekaterina Kazionova can be taken for 6.50

Forecast and rates

We can unequivocally say that Kazionova will have a hard time in this meeting. Mladenovic is playing better and better. There are recessions in her game, but they are already short-lived. I don’t think that in this meeting, Ekaterina can claim to be something serious in the game with Mladenovic, which surpasses her in many game indicators. We take the victory of the Frenchwoman 2: 0 in sets.

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